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June 05 2015

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Wer nichts zu verbergen hat, braucht nichts zu befürchten.
— Joseph Goebbels (1933)
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when you think you’ve screwed something up but it all turns out ok in the end


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June 04 2015

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A random guy paid me a compliment and why it was okay




So, in starbucks today, a random guy came up to my and told me I was very pretty and nice eyes.

And, as a feminist, I was okay with it.

Because he did it correctly.

He stood four feet away from me and started out with “excuse me” and waited until I nodded before approaching. He then introduced himself and we shook hands and then he gave a compliment and went on his way.

He didnt catcall. He didnt harass. He didnt use inappropriate language. He asked for permission.

Take note, gentlemen.

i just loved the fact that he actually WAITED for her CONSENT

BEFORE approaching her

and not only that

he didn’t sexualize her

i mean

finally, someone gets it

I feel like this is important to share, because we get so much shit from guys who are like “so what, we can’t EVER compliment a woman without it being harassment??”  No.  No one said that.  I have received compliments and I have received street harassment, and I promise you I can tell you which is which.

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Amount of people the police in UK, USA and Iceland killed
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Walkin in church like

The right leg becomes the left leg every single perfect loop and it’s seriously freaking me out

why the fuck would you point that out, holy shit that’s creepy

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