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June 04 2015

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Mason, the hero that Philly deserves
Click here for more funny pictures by Mr. Squirrel

Oh yeah everyone come visit me and let’s get Rosa’s

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Artist removes 1 inch off the peak of England’s highest mountain; Brits want their inch back.

It is still England’s highest mountain, but Scafell Pike is ever so slightly smaller now after an artist stole the top inch of the summit to display in a gallery.
Oscar Santillan, 34, was accused of vandalism after removing the stone pinnacle of the 3,209ft Lake District peak for an exhibition in London.
Ian Stephens, managing director of Cumbria Tourism, said: “This is taking the mickey and we want the top of our mountain back.”

I love art

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen





May 30 2015

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Well played, sir. 😜✌🏻️ #memeoftheday #StarWars #GameofThrones #DarthVader #TheHound

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Ok I counted. 898. I smoked two while counting.

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